Christmas Indulgence and Pain

As we are mid Christmas season about to embark on a few days of absolute indulgence, let’s enjoy the space to have time out from our normal routines. It is often in the time out that we can see things a little differently: when we are kicked out of our ‘busyness’.

Whilst this is going on, I am still recovering from these injuries, which has led me to be interested in the notion of pain. I have been reading about this guy, Dr. Lorimer Mosley, who gives a different outlook on pain. Our nociceptors send information about tissue damage up to the brain. The brain then evaluates the extent of this damage, and ‘decides’ how to respond. Watch the video below to listen to Mosley’s funny account of how this works. If people can feel pain in their prosthetic limbs, it tells us that the picture of damage = pain is not that clear cut. It is not to undermine the importance of pain since it is a guide to protect us! Below is the closest image I could find to explain the experiment.

His talk also underpins how our rational thought can override or, at least, influence our perceptions in some instances. It is a constant interplay between how we sense the world, and how our past experiences influence this incoming information and shape who we are. You may know what I mean when I say that sometimes we can oscillate between growing up and falling back into well-carved patterns from our past. Being aware of our patterns of behaviour is a step in the right direction. This is stuff that happens all the time, not just on the mat.

Merry Christmas and see you all next year <3 xx

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