Watch out for the Dark Side…

I read a great blog a while back by Callum who works at the Dragon Acupuncture Clinic ironically exploring the ‘e’ word. We have all used it- don’t deny it! But, what is it we are talking about? We’ve all heard talk about people with ‘good’ and ‘bad’ energy, right? As if we can break complex personas down into either/or polarities. Perhaps, we talk about in the treatments we give or receive: ‘I felt a lot of energy’- but what does it even mean?

What I think is important as a yoga practitioner or any kind for that matter, especially when giving one-to-ones, is to be aware of your feelings and stories behind them, those of the person you are working with, and the dialogue and story you are creating between the two of you. If we are not aware of our dark, repressed sides, this can affect our clients in unconscious ways.

This is considering that…

“Our personal body unfolds and develops its individuality in the context of its relationship to and with an other and other bodies”.

Suzy Orbach. The Body in Clinical Practice 

That is, what goes on between practitioner and client is imperative as that is how we learn about ourselves through dialogue with an ‘other’, conscious or unconscious. Within this, if everything is co-created, as Russell Rose (2016) claims (see link to his article below), it is possible to disassociate or suppress aspects of ourselves, and this can get transferred over to the client.

Rose (2016) also talks about the gut, which has hundreds of millions of neuronal connections and is a place for significant emotional processing. Ninety percent of the information in the vagus nerve (see picture below) goes from gut to brain, not the other way round (Rose, 2016). Our instinct informs our rational brains. Hence, it is about tuning into our ‘gut feelings’ and letting these help when listening to a client and what they need.

So, watch out for the dark side….

From Attachment Wound to Parallel Process.

Embodiment, enactment, and complexity in Body-Mind Relational Psychotherapy.

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