What to expect from a class?

My classes are dynamic and relaxing, and my students say they leave the class feeling calm and revitalised. I combine breath awareness, with a series of movements, a little tapping and shaking from Qi Gong and end with a Yoga Nidra. The principal idea is that we move out from the centre, our spines, opening the spaces in our joints, and we gather the long limbs back into the spine to release it upwards. The more space we can find, the more freedom we have to move and feel.

Weekly Timetable

Tuesdays 6.00-7.15PM

Tuesdays 7.30-8.45PM

Yoga for All

Varndean College, Surrenden Road, Brighton


Wednesdays 10.00AM-11.00AM

Chair Yoga for Seniors



Wednesdays 12.30PM-1.15PM

Yoga for Wellbeing

MET College, East Campus, 109 Wilson Ave, Brighton


Wednesdays 4.30PM-5.30PM

Yoga for Wellbeing

MET College, Central Campus, 1A Pelham Street, Brighton


Thursdays 11.00AM-12.00PM

Chair Yoga for Seniors



Fridays 10.30AM-11.30PM

Chair Yoga for Seniors



Mondays to Fridays 10.00AM-19.00PM

One-to-One Individually Tailored Sessions

Brunswick, Hove

Further information about the classes I offer.

1. General Yoga:

For those wishing to de-stress, sleep better, feel better, move more freely and connect in a more authentic way. I have been trained in the Scaravelli-Inspired approach, and as Vanda says, the aim is to go with the body, not against it. Once we create the right conditions, we can let the body unfold in its own time and begin the process of shedding habitual modes of being. As we allow the weight to go down to the ground and the more attentive we become, we can start to feel the release upwards, and our upper bodies become light. We let the large quick twitch muscles relax, and engage the deeper postural muscles. It is about finding the right effort, not too much, nor too little. We move between tension and rest. If we find it hard to feel, we can use our visualisation or our imagination to take us there. Refining the quality of our movements helps us to refine the quality of our minds.

2. Yoga for Cancer Survivors:

From the moment of diagnosis and throughout your journey. My Gentle Chair Yoga combines breath awareness, yoga movements, meditation and energy releasing techniques. This will help combat fatigue, sickness and some of the emotional difficulties faced. Once your strength is regained, my Stabilising and Revitalising Yoga takes movement off the chair, guiding you back into health. I also offer one-to-one sessions with a full health and body assessment, and I provide a tailored programme to suit your needs.

3. Yoga for Seniors and those with Lesser Mobility:

For those wanting increased mobility, balance and stability as we age and/or face injury. This gentle chair yoga includes: being aware of our sensations, noticing the breath, exploring yoga movements, putting those movements into a fluid sequence, revitalising energy releasing techniques and a deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra. We breathe together and we move together whilst bringing a gentle awareness so that we can feel freer in our bodies and more able to live our lives fully.

4. Yoga for Children:

For ages 3-14 years old. The classes I offer empower the child as a creative, individual being. They encourage not just physical, but also personal, social and emotional development in a warm, safe environment where the children can explore in a non-competitive, relaxed and fun way. Each class follows a loose structure incorporating chimes and breathing, golden guidelines, warming up the joints, sun salutations, the use of story to explore yoga movements and mindfulness techniques.

5. One-to-One Sessions:

For those with injuries or those wishing to take your practice deeper. I offer one-to-one sessions with a free body assessment. Once I have ascertained your goals alongside my body assessment, we create an individually tailored programme to move you into health. I can provide some simple movements for you to take away and practice in your own time. I can also help with people going through trauma, using energy releasing techniques to enable you to slowly feel into yourself, feel safe in your own body, sleep and regulate better.

6. Yoga for People with Trauma:

For those who have early developmental, one-off experiences or ongoing episodes of trauma. I offer one-to-one sessions. The aim is to be able to allow our bodies to tolerate the intolerable. By creating the conditions to enable our bodies to feel bit-by-bit, we can learn to become a safe container in which our sensations come and they go. It is a gradual process of learning to regulate the body by working top-down: noticing our sensations and position in space, or bottom-up: moving in a fluid way and using the breath. There are certain techniques we can use to make this possible.

‘Advice From a Tree: stand tall and proud, go out on a limb, remember your roots, drink plenty of water, be content with your natural beauty and enjoy the view’
-- Anonymous

Brighton & Hove Yoga class - promoting wellbeing
Brighton & Hove Yoga Class - encouraging healthy living
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