Online Classes

You are warmly invited to join us for our online yoga classes.

Who is the class for?

This is a mat class for beginners to advanced level.

The class is also accessible to those suffering from stress or trauma, rehabilitating from injury or if you are immunocompromised.

About the class:

Have you been feeling stressed out?
Is the current climate increasing your anxiety?
Do your emotions feel more intense?
Are you tired and low on energy?

I don’t claim to solve all these things, but the classes can help to settle and rebalance your nervous systems, and hence how you feel. if we encourage a gentle attentiveness to our bodies as we move and breathe, we start experiencing ourselves in a different way. For instance, by giving our weight over to the ground, we can notice how some parts become lighter. By tracking any subtle positive changes, such as becoming lighter, this can help to reset our nervous systems, bring us into balance and help us to feel calmer.

We start a class slowly, finding the ground, our breath and feeling in. We normally work around a theme and follow a series of different yoga postures. Each posture is an invitation to explore. We can engage our muscles, bones and tissues, say whilst doing bridge pose, so that we are more to be able to release them. Moving through these polarised tensions helps us to let go of any unnecessary restrictions that may be held in the body. The class finishes with a short meditation and an invitation to deeply rest and integrate the practice.

Class times:

Wednesdays: 5.00-6.00PM.

Fridays: 09.30-10.30AM.


Please email first to check in with me: We can have a short FaceTime chat, so we can touch base with each other, and you can let me know of any health issues.

I will send you a link by email before each class.

I ask that you have your cameras on during the session, so I can check for safety during the class.

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